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It is apparent that the universities have not been able to leverage either the value-added services of faculty authors and editors nor the bargaining power of the faculty consumer.

The fixed costs for establishing a Web-based publishing capability are less than those for printing paper journals and the variable cost of an electronic publication is virtually zero once the original article has been posted on the web.

An alliance of a large number of academic libraries would increase their customer base number of faculty members and thereby increase the bargaining power of the libraries relative to the publishers. Their power, however, would be lessened by the unbundling of the electronic and bound journals as well as the increased opportunity of faculty to publish in alternative electronic journals.

Because of the oligopolistic structure of the industry, rivalry between publishers is low at least among the big three. Such an initiative would force publishers to unbundle electronic and paper journals.

Posted on the Elsevier Web Site: Benefits to authors We also provide many author benefits, such as free PDFs, a liberal copyright policy, special discounts on Elsevier publications and much more.

Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship

Bergstrom and Theodore C. The CIC possesses the experience and the status to provide leadership in this endeavor. These high margins exist even as critics question the value provided by the journal publishers. V, Elsevier Pricing Letter to Librarians. Additionally, the ICOLC, as a collective of most of the major library consortia, could form an institutional structure for a bargaining coalition or assist with linking together consortia or institutions to form such a coalition.

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No worthy topic relevant to EAP is beyond the scope of the journal. The publishers would retain a degree of bargaining power based on their control of the larger, more prestigious journals. A wide range of linguistic, applied linguistic and educational topics may be treated from the perspective of English for academic purposes; these include: If the ARL decided to represent the entire group of academic journal subscribers, it could wield considerable clout with the large journal publishers.

Academic journals are the primary means for disseminating scholarly work and this fact places the journal publishers in a uniquely powerful position. There are several variants of an electronic publishing strategy.

The need for a super coalition of academic libraries to strengthen the bargaining position of the buyer groups with the journal publishers is evident. The fact that electronic media exist has implications for the market.

Nevertheless, the CIC represents only a dozen of the major research university libraries in the United States.

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The dependency is increased by the fact that there are a relatively large number of faculty members seeking an outlet for their scholarly output compared to the number of journals available within any academic discipline.

And unlike the majority of academic articles, these are all free. As can be noted from the table, the operating profit margins for Elsevier in the Science and Medical segment are extraordinarily high.Revised, March 7, Since February 1, In response to popular demands, this brief note is provided for the benefit of all academic authors.

The Business of Academic Publishing: A Strategic Analysis of the Academic Journal Publishing Industry and its Impact on the Future of Scholarly Publishing. Writing Academic Papers by Anne Whitaker September Table of Contents Why Academic Writing Academic writing is, essentially, the writing you have to do for your university courses.

For academic essays and papers, there is an introduction, body, and conclusion. Each. For decades now, academics have made popular culture a worthy area of study, from hip hop, comic books, and Hollywood film and television to video games and internet culture.

And for just as long, there have been those who sneered at the disciplines emerging around pop culture studies. But really. Most journal provides guidelines like article format e.g. number of words, font size, table & figure formats etc - some journal websites even share a Word doc template to download.

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Academic writing journal pdf
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