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The Colossus of Rhodes was an inspiration for the Statue of Liberty. Located in northern Africa it stretches 4, miles and spans 10 countries.

Regardless of the exact cause of this natural wonder, it is certainly an incredible sight to behold! Mount Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world at 19, feet above sea level.

Modern scientists have deduced that for the gardens to survive they would have had to be irrigated using a system consisting of a pump, waterwheel and cisterns to carry water from the Euphrates many feet into the air.

The city was the target of a Macedonian siege early in the fourth century B. At 40 feet, it was so tall that its head nearly touched the top of the temple.

Like the Dead Sea, this lake is full of salt, so those who swim in it float easily. However, regardless of how they did it, it gave me an idea: I have no idea how CNN accomplished narrowing their list down.

The former was designed by the Cretan architect Chersiphron and his son Metagenes and decorated by some of the most celebrated artists of the ancient world. They are created and formed by the lake bed sedimentary rocks, stream erosion and frost weathering.

According to legend, the sculptor Phidias asked Zeus for a sign of his approval after finishing the statue; soon after, the temple was struck by lightning. The first layer was a foot base of steps, followed by a middle layer of 36 Ionic columns and a stepped, pyramid-shaped roof. Lighthouse of Alexandria The Lighthouse of Alexandria was located on a small island called Pharos near the city of Alexandria.

Wonders of the World

Mount McKinley Denali is the highest mountain peak in North America reaching 20, feet above sea level. Victoria Falls Based on width 1. It was completed around B. Hundreds of years later, Arabs invaded Rhodes and sold the remains of the statue as scrap metal.

The lighthouse was gradually destroyed during a series of earthquakes from to Nile River The Nile River is the longest river in the world. The Zeus statue graced the temple at Olympia for more than eight centuries before Christian priests persuaded the Roman emperor to close the temple in the fourth century A.

It is also the highest mountain in Africa and although dormant, this stratovolcano could very well erupt again as the last major eruption occurred betweenandyears ago. At first glance these hot springs resemble liquid marble when in fact the formation is caused by the mineral composition of the water.

The Great Blue Hole This incredible underwater sinkhole measures feet across and plunges feet deep. Colossus of Rhodes The Colossus was an enormous bronze sculpture of the sun god Helios built by the Rhodians over 12 years in the third century B.

About six years later, the building of a new temple to replace it was begun. The mausoleum was largely destroyed in an earthquake in the 13th century and its remains were later used in the fortification of a castle.

Dead Sea The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth in any land mass and has the highest concentration of salt in the world.

It stands 1, feet high with most of its bulk underground 2, feet above sea level. As a result, most modern scholars believe that the existence of the gardens was part of an inspired and widely believed but still fictional tale.

Because of this, archeologists do not know much about the exact location of the statue or what it looked like. The most fabulous of these structures were two marble temples built around B.

It was never rebuilt.

Sevens Wonders of the Ancient World

The dance or shift, flow and movement of the lights is caused by the constant shift of magnetic and electrical forces reacting to each other.

Scientists once thought the dome was created by an asteroid impact, but now they say it is a deeply eroded geologic dome. According to history, Cleopatra came to bathe here!

In addition to the amazing natural red sandstone structures, The Wave is an exceptional formation that tourists flock to, thanks to the red streaks and wave patterns. It is the largest bay int the world and is surrounded by the famous Sugar Loaf Mountain, Tijuca hills and Corcovado Peak.The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were a collection of remarkable constructions listed by various Greek authors, including Antipater of Sidon and Philo of Byzantium.

The classic list featured. While the last voting phase we had amazing events at each Finalist. The New 7 Wonders of the World have made it out of 21 Finalists within that last voting phase.

- Panel of Experts The panel selected 21 Finalists from the global voted list of 77 potential Wonders. New7Wonders of the World (–) was a campaign started in to choose Wonders of the World from a selection of existing monuments.

The popularity poll was led by Canadian-Swiss Bernard Weber and organized by the New7Wonders Foundation based in Zurich, Switzerland, with winners announced on 7 July in. Inmore than million people voted to declare the New Seven Wonders of the World.

The following list of seven winners is presented without ranking, and aims to represent global heritage. Great Wall of China (China) Built between the 5th century B.C.

and the 16th century, the Great Wall of. The Seven Wonders of the World or the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is a list of remarkable constructions of classical antiquity given by various authors in guidebooks or poems popular among ancient Hellenic tourists.

Although the list, in its current form. Guanabara Bay aka Harbor of Rio De Janeiro, is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

It is the largest bay int the world and is surrounded by the famous Sugar Loaf .

Amazing 7 wonders of the world
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