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They had one child. See further down in this history. In Julythe Turks hadsoldiers under the walls of Vienna. They number almost individuals so I had to put them on a separate web page [bold web page above].

Historically, you lived in town where it was safe and every day you would go out to your farm to work the fields. That will cause some confusion but yet, is a fact of history. He was married to Anna Maria Unknown sometime before It is no wonder that the peasants would riot or turn to banditry.

The history of the farmers in Germany is one hard time after another. Johann Fries and Eva Orth?


He was also in the area in and a. That by itself was quite a feat. That Empire had been in existence since a. He was the town shoemaker. Peasants could not protect their crops against blight, insects or cutworms. As the army moved, it ate its way through the winter food reserve of the local people.

The result was that Texas and California were brought into the Union. Johannes Georg Fries,the fifth of ten children of Johann Fries and the fifth of five children by Eva Orth and is our direct paternal ancestor. When an army at war went into the field it lived off the surrounding countryside.

Beginning inthe harvest was poor in Germany and business trade decreased. Veronica was the first wife of Sebastian Haaf. The German word Berlin is actually a Turkish word.

The local church records go back to Adam Fries,the third of ten children of Johann Fries and the third of five children by Eva Orth. Deppisch seems to be a common name in the area.

The Seven Years War,started only 3 years after 1.

Only the first five are expanded to include descendents as the last three appear to have died in Geremy. He took his family to America in when he was 55 years old. Serfdom in Germany lasted until Apparently war is a constant thread throughout the history of the area.

Michael Oxner was his baptismal sponsor. Perhaps the father or grandfather of the earliest maternal Fries ancestor, Michael Eck, c. The population was about 22 million. Andreas Fries,and his wife, 1.

Eventually, the estimated final immigration from Baden to America waspeople. The name of the priest that said the wedding mass was Father Waldharr. It is under this ruler that the Fries family left Germany. Valentin may have been the first Fries ancestor to try a new drink that had just been discovered in The attending priest at the time was Father Waldharr.

Andreas, like his father 1. The exact date and place is unknown. By church law you could not be married during Lent.


That ancestor may have been involved in the invasion of the Turks that went far into Europe to the walls of Vienna. The exact date is unknown.Find essays and research papers on Family at We've helped millions of students since Join the world's largest study community.

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Brice family essay
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