Describe the information shown on own pay slip

Your net pay is what you actually receive into your bank account once all the deductions have been taken off. It might also show how your pay was calculated, for example, your hourly rate and the number of hours worked.

Is something not quite adding up?

Responsibilities and rights of employees and employers

What is total gross pay? For example tax and National Insurance, and what the deductions are for. This is called your net pay. Your payroll number Some companies use payroll numbers to identify individuals on the payroll. There are policy documents available within my work place.

I make sure to call for help if necessary. You might also receive maternity pay, which will usually be shown separately.

Understanding your payslip Your name and sometimes your home address will be shown. Include in your letter how you would like your employer to resolve the problem. HMRC will tell your employer how to work out and deduct the right amount.

For example, separate figures of a cash payment and the balance credited to a bank account.

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My clients are suffering from dementia. This will usually be shown as a separate figure — any SSP is likely to be deducted from occupational sick pay.

Find out How tax and National Insurance are deducted from your pay.

Employment Rights and Responsibilities Essay

If I have a complaint, which cannot be resolved, it is essential that I use this procedure in all circumstances. There is an increasing responsibility for employers to protect the health and safety of their employees.

The code tells your employer how much tax-free pay you should get before deducting tax from the rest.There is a lot of information shown on your pay statement, the amount of wage before any deduction (gross wage) and also your wage after deductions, the amount of tax and national insurance you have paid, your pay statement will also include your national insurance number, your tax code, your pay rate and also any additional information.

Describe the information shown on own pay statement On my own pay slip I have my full name, the name of the company that employs me, Tax period, Interval, Date, Staff ID number, NI Number, NI Code, Tax Code, PAYE Reference, Taxable Gross, Gross to Date, Tax to Date, Employer’s NI, Employer’s Pension, NI Gross, Net Pay.

Describe The Information Shown On Own Pay Slip. Financial Information 1. Why is financial information important for a business- provide four reasons * For owners and managers to be able to make sensible business decisions.

* For prospective investors to know where the company stands financially. identify sources &types of information & advice available in relation to employment responsibilities & available in relation to employment responibiltiles and rights describe the terms and conditions of your own contract describe the information shown on your pay statement in my pay slip /5(1).

• Describe the terms and conditions of own contact of employment. • Describe the information shown on own pay statement. Understand employment responsibilities and rights in health, social care or children and young people’s settings by Gaël. Even after you have checked the net amount of pay against your bank statement or pay packet, you should keep your payslips to ensure the totals shown on form P60 at the end of the tax year agree with the sums actually paid.

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Describe the information shown on own pay slip
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