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The terrorism in its earlier stages i. The heart of every compatriot and Islam loving person weeps when he is labeled as terrorist by the so called civilized nations of the Europe.

After review these factors one can easily conclude that there are very bleak chances of stoppage of terrorism in the world because the activities of the terrorists is not confined to a few countable groups. Simply killing, or massacre a large number of human beings has never been their main objective.

They can attack anything, anytime and anywhere for which they are dictated.

This was a reply to a statement Bush made to a graduating class from West Point Military Academy. The Department of Homeland Security was created only for the task of counter-terrorism. A few years before attacking, bombing or seizing embassies was a common practice of the terrorists. The War on Terror has made foreign policy more stringent on people who are of the Islamic faith, and has led to hate Essays on world terror different cultural groups, as well as the downfall of modern human rights.

Main ne Allah Ko apney iraadon ke totney se pehchana hay!! Meanwhile, in the UK, legislation has passed to allow terror suspects to be held for forty-two days without charge, lengthening that duration by two weeks Home and dry, just.

In the UK it is now legal to hold a terror suspect in jail for over one month without pressing charges, something unheard of in Normally their chosen targets are railways, airlines, embassies, rail roads, sub ways, buses, power lines, sui gas lines, journalists, diplomats, mosques, hotels, restaurants, schools, missionaries, women and children.

They normally act upon their motto of violence, fear and intimidation towards govt. They also claimed that, far from the original goals, the war has made people more fearful, as well as deepening divisions between people of different faiths and origins.

Now the terrorists use varied son of tactics for their targets which are obviously unlimited and after each event they change their method of attack for the next one.

In the end we can only hope that the increasing menace of the terrorism be stopped by all the nations in general and the countries of the third world in particulars. In six years, the number of reported anti-Islamic hate crimes has quintupled, from twenty-eight incidents in to one hundred fifty-six inand victims of hate were Islamic inout of a total of 9, victims FBI.

They resort to this tactics as a last step to achieve their aim, when they feel that the concerned rulers show resistance to their demands. Meyer argues that the idea of a war on terror was not inevitable, and an alternative response could have been fashioned around so-called "soft power" measures.

But regrettably the prominent European scholars are putting us on target. But it is not as simple as it looks because unfortunately the rulers of some countries are not much sincere to root out this menace-rather some countries are behind their back.

In spite of most modern scientific devices it is not possible to monitor with exactness the presence and non-presence of terrorist groups of the world who own the claim of terrorist attack.

On the other side Mr. There is no denying the fact that the terrorism has grown into an international terrorist den.

As we all now the disclosure of nuclear underworld has put every one an alarming situation with reference to terrorism. What is the main objective of the terrorist? In reality, however, hate crimes against any religion should be frowned upon, no matter who is being offended.Access to overcomplete essays and term papers; corporations, and media enterprises.

Terrorism that occurs throughout the world is known as global terrorism. It is probably the worst type of crime that ever exists. Not only does it kill people, it destroys livelihoods, economies, and civilized world order that took millennia to form /5(11).

The Civil War, World War II, and even the Vietnam War or Conflict designates our determination to give the lives of soldiers and spill the blood of the enemy to maintain our freedom. [tags: President Bush's War on Terror] Powerful Essays words (8 pages).

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With the aid of the present day media, acts of terrorism are now becoming designed to grasp the attention of the entire world and compel a terrorist organization's message into the spotlight for the whole world to look at. Sep 08,  · Introduction The War on Terror was started by the events of September 11th, and july 7th, Since then the foreign policy of the US and UK has.

The War on Terror’s background originated through conflicts between warring countries in the Middle East; U.S. involvement started when a terrorist guided plane crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, in New York City.

Essays on world terror
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