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For example, it is often more helpful to rewrite a sentence or section rather than to simply correct a grammatical mistake, and our editors only perform this type Ivy league essay editors proofreading with our Advance and Ivy League Touch editing services.

That means you can stop asking your roommate for favors at three in the morning. We do not just tell you what is wrong; we tell you how to make it right. We will compare your essay to those of other candidates. Ivy League Edit offers this service because in your phone consult, you and your editor can discuss, very frankly, the question that you need an answer to: College Essay Editor for ESL Students Writing in a language that is not your own can be difficult and you may need a second eye from a native speaker.

Does your essay work? Sometimes we make substantial revisions or suggestions, and we want to make sure you have time to review and act upon them.

If you find that your style meshes well with certain proofreaders, you can request them on future documents.

While Ivy League Edit offers a variety of editing services, our specialty is personal statements.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us here. In the body of the email message, please provide the following information: Over time your writing will get better too as we identify your mistakes and give you suggestions.

Admissions officers frequently read more than 50 personal statements per day, many of which sound exactly alike. We offer a range of proofreading services to all of our customers, but when it comes to application essays we suggest you make use of our Ivy League Touch editing service.

Your editor will also analyze your document from a teaching perspective, looking at your writing style and grammatical tendencies in order to make practical suggestions for how to avoid common mistake patterns in the future.

We will ensure that your introduction immediately engages the reader and provides a good first impression. We want to ensure that your document has enhanced readability.

We will also ensure that your content provides details of your life that are not presented elsewhere in your application. Quick tips to get the best out of your experience with Ivy League Proofreaders: Once we receive your order, we will complete our revision of your essay within 48 hours.

When you do, you can then be confident of ultimate success. Are you a student in need of having your paper touched up? Ivy League Edit helps you develop a personal statement that will not sabotage your own best interests or set you up for failure in the target program.

Develop a relationship with one of our editors. I hope you pass on this feedback. Yes, I am planning on publishing it. We have experience in both B-to-B and B-to-C communications, and our Advanced and Ivy League Touch editing services can help you set the right tone for your audience.

If you would like to set up a corporate account so that multiple people or departments may submit documents for editing, please contact us. Thanks for your quick reply. To that end, Ivy League Proofreaders offers three levels of service for you to choose from.

As a courtesy, we will also provide a second review of the same work at no additional charge if needed.The managing editor of Ivy League Edit is Don Willard, a Columbia graduate who only hires other Ivy League graduates as editors for Ivy League Edit.

The eight Ivy League schools are Columbia, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Brown, Penn, and Cornell. (Ivy League Edit plans to expand into the academic essay consulting field in ). Essay editors are a rare find when you’re up to your ears in work.

Improve your paper’s value with in-depth editing and help from our Ivy League editors. Ivy League Edit guarantees you an editor who has graduated from one of the eight Ivy League schools. While Ivy League Edit offers a variety of editing services, our specialty is personal statements.

If your essay is a "train wreck," we will let you know. 50 Successful IVY LEAGUE Application Essays Includes advice from college admissions officers and the 25 essay mistakes that guarantee failure GEN and KELLY TANABE HArvArD grADUATES AnD AUTHOrS OF Get into Any College, The Ultimate Scholarship Book and Accepted!

50 Successful College Admission Essays.

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Ivy League Editors. likes. Ivy League Editors offers high-quality online editing services. We edit all types of documents for university students.

Ivy League Essay / College Ivy League is not affiliated with, or approved by The Ivy League or its member universities.

Ivy league essay editors
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