Potato strip hypertonic

The potato strips that were covered with the CS solution were in a concentrated solution, and this causes for osmosis to take place, water from the potato strip diffues through the partially permeable membrane to create a balance between high and loswater potentials.

This is also relevant to the increase in length. The water is hypotonic. Since the intake on water molecules occupies extra space, it also changes the volume of the potato by pushing against the cell membrane and the proximate cellulose cell wall.

This results into an expansion in all dimensions, including length. However, the expansion is limited by the stiffness of the cellulose cell. Ribena is mainly a sugary solution and hence is hypertonic to the potato cells, which are hypotonic.

The decrease in the number of water molecules results in loss of volume Potato strip hypertonic length. In order to generalize and prove the statements mentioned above, the class compared its results and established the following realizations: The following results and conclusions were deduced by this experiment: In contrast, the potato is hypertonic: However, the contrast between hypertonic and hypotonic is smaller and hence the result is less visible.

We did not measure the exact amount of liquid put into each test tube: An increase in mass of the potato strip due to the movement of water molecules into the plant cells via osmosis.

There was a decrease in weight and length present but not as great as the one by Ribena. The solution still contained a higher sugar rate and is therefore hypertonic. There is a decrease in the mass of the potato strips due to the movement of water molecules outside of the plant cells.

In the following pictures we show the materiales, and different steps of the experiment. But on the other hand the potate strip on the Petri with the CW solution was on a diluted solution, and this causes for water to diffuse from the outside to the inside, this way the strip absorbed more water and become bigger and more stiff.

Potatoes in Mixture of both: And those in a hypotonic solution less solute, more concentration in the cell absorb lots of water and burst. Causing the strip to shrink and become softer and flaccid. Osmosis is the process where water molecules move from a region of higher water potential diluted solution to a region of lower water potential concentrated solutionthrough a partially permeable membrane.

We see this present in the experiment.

Investigating Osmosis using Potato Strips

This means it possesses high water solution and is low on sugar. Guarda el enlace permanente. When osmosis takes place in animal cells, those in a hypertonic solution with more solute, concentrated release water and shrink.

These are the materials we used for the experiment, potato strips, a ruler and knife to measures and cut them, the Petri dishes and the solutions We placed the potato strips on the Petri dishes and poured the solutions We covered the potato strips with the solution and waited for minutes Esta entrada fue publicada en 3ACbiology por alinaclaps.

The water molecules will move along their concentration gradient out of the cells and thus make the potato strip shrink. When put into contact, water will diffuse into the potato and hence expand its size, making the final size greater that its initial results.Mangca, Hodah S.

F Sept. 19, Mancia, Paul Andrew O. Patagoc, Sugar Mae The Observations of Tonicity and Osmosis of Potato Strips and Human Red Blood Cells Abstract A. Potato Strips The main purpose of this activity is to show the different conditions of osmosis, these are hypotonic, hypertonic and isotonic.

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Osmosis in potato strips

We have highly qualified lab report writers who will help with your osmosis lab report accordingly. water molecules diffused into the potato cells from the distilled water thus an increase in the turgidity of the potato strip.

This outcome can be explained through the process of osmosis. Since the solution it is submerged in is higher in concentration in water molecules 1 R² = 0. or hypertonic. the mass and the length exemplified after an approximate hour period increases 1. Subsequently. for example.

differences in surface area of each potato strip caused by imprecise cutting as well as the marks (lines and. Oct 12,  · Best Answer: well the potato peel probably in a hypertonic solution when the potato is in a salt solution because the potato tends to shrivel because it is losing water.

the potato is in isotonic solution when it is regular water because the amount of water going in the potato is same as the water coming Status: Resolved.

Solute/Solvent Appearance of Potato Strip Type of Tonicity Gradient: Is the potato strip in a Hypertonic, Hypotonic, or Isotonic at the beginning of this exercise? Hypertonic, Hypotonic, Isotonic In: Science Submitted By MelvinCYM Words Pages 2 This happens because the sucrose solution is now hypertonic compared to the potato cell.

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The water molecules from the potato will travel to the sucrose solution. The potato strip feels very soft when touched with finger. From all of this above, I can.

Potato strip hypertonic
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