Sujatha bhatt poem a different history

Here we also see the comparison between the Indian and Greek gods. This had been pursued since Bhatt first saw her paintings in the Bremen Kunsthalle, near where she herself had come to live. She shifts her attention from worship Sujatha bhatt poem a different history animals and nature to reverence and respect in India.

This perhaps can address the issue that the thinking of the next generation is narrower and less open minded. By this she indicates that all the elements of nature, flora and fauna, are worshipped here.

It also in a sense mocks the system that governs the development implying that it causes more damage than good. Of course here she is saying that the something-izers have caused a lot of turmoil in a country that was otherwise very happy before. The first stanza represents the ones unaffected by globalization and the western society.

If this makes it sound over-earnest, think again: That he is the cause for centuries of civilization and culture to be wiped out. About Sujata Bhatt Sujata Bhatt was born in Whatever the case she addresses a sudden change in the way society thinks and how we should try to preserve Sujatha bhatt poem a different history.

She perhaps is saying that her opinion belongs to her and she just wishes to express them onto the world. This shows that she is talking to them, indicating that getting an audience with them is hard and that only people with relevant arguments can arrange a meeting with them, making her argument a very significant one.

She talks about the need for Indians to respect books so that they would not offend the tree sacrificed to make the paper. She also talks about the loss of culture that comes with globalization and the loss of part of our history as we reject the teachings of the old culture and of our old heritage.

Where I come from in the sense of the comparison between urbanization and rural atmosphere. It could be for this reason that she decided to name the poem A Different History. The story had to be about this territory and situation.

We can to a certain extent say the same as India was really quite a rural area before one of those —izations. It also shows how little in breath they know about their society and their heritage, especially one as rich as India. This shows perhaps a form of limitation or segregation between the two.

Where I come from as we can see a similar style in structure as they are split to show a bigger contrast and that there is a indentation in the beginning of the second stanza. She is an Indian poet, but graduated from the University of Iowa and later moved to Germany.

In regard to her writing, she is the author of several volumes of poetry and has been noted for her translation work as well. Which language Truly meant to murder someone?

She is a meditative and philosophical poet: It is a sin to shove a book aside with your foot, a sin to slam books down hard on a table, a sin to toss one carelessly across a room. Therefore they adopt the culture of the people and act accordingly, similar to how the Gods have to be succumb to be one of the animals that can be usually found in India such as the snakes and monkeys Become one of the crowd, and you will live a happy life.

They do not separate themselves from the local people nor do they treat themselves any differently. Why are you speaking the tongue of our enemies? The whole poem is in English. The Poet emigrated from India to the states when she was twelve.

Her particular achievement is to write poems in English that retain her Indian cultural richness: This, as well as critical commentary regarding a tragic moment and its consequence, are the themes of the poem.

Note lines 9 to 14 and notice the indentations of the lines. Basically, it was an easy solution, but Bhatt believes not the correct one.

A Different History

She keeps repeating that it is a sin to treat books without respect, slam them down on a table or touch one with the foot or toss it around. She could perhaps be saying that she is not right, nor is she saying that globalization is necessarily a bad thing. This line is trying to bring back something from the past.

The significance of it being that perhaps with globalization, you still retain some of your heritage, which still allows you to be saved. Similar to when you kick a book, the sentence suddenly shifts to the right, as if you have kicked it into that position.

Similarly, it can mean that you never really truly forget your culture, but perhaps lose a bit or remember little, no matter how much you are influenced by globalization, colonization or one of those —izations. They draw upon Indian myths, deities, and especially animals: Similarly, the whole of the second stanza is indented.A different History Sujata Bhatt The poem 'A different History', written by Sujata Bhatt is written post the British colonisation of India.

The poem is based on Indian religion and a bit of Greek mythology.

Line-by-line Analysis of ‘A different History’ by Sujata Bhatt

'A Different History' - in this poem I mention the Hindu goddess, Sarasvati - she is the goddess of knowledge. She presides over all the fine arts and in India she is frequently worshipped in libraries.

Explore the ideas in the poem A Different History by Sujata Bhatt. Sujata Bhatt reflects and explores on the ideas of ‘culture, ‘values’, human struggle, religion combined with its beliefs and acquisition of foreign or strange language. Sujata Bhatt was born in Ahmedabad, India, in She grew up in Pune, India, and in the United States.

She received her MFA from the Writers' Workshop at the University of Iowa, and now lives in Germany with her husband and daughter. She is the recipient of various awards, including the Commonwealth Poetry Prize (Asia) and the. Apr 30,  · Analysis Of "A Different History" Sujata Bhatt This is a line by line analysis of the poem.

Firstly, is a brief overview of the poem and it's author. The Poet emigrated from India to the states when she was twelve. Though the poems are different all poems will have use some of the same techniques such as repetition.

Context Reflected in the Poem's Concern It is important to know about Sujata Bhatt’s context in order to make sense of ‘A Different History’.

Sujatha bhatt poem a different history
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